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CHICAGO (JGL) – Officers and members of Association of Filipino-American Freemasons of Illinois (AFFI) in Chicago, Illinois will hold an outreach program feeding the homeless children in Davao City and install artesian wells from April 23-26, 2018, according to Bert P. Gazmen, AFFI's Secretary General and Past Commander, Silangan Commandery #93.

This was discussed Wednesday (Feb. 14) in the office of Mr. Gazmen at 5850 W. Higgins Avenue in Chicago's northside with some of his visitors namely Mr. Nick Orig, Dr. Daniel A. Razon and Mr. Mario Adap of Castle Honda at 6900 W. Dempster, Morton Grove, IL.

The outreach program and installation will coincide with the ANCOM (Annual Communication) of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines conferral of the GGOKCS (GRAND & GLORIOUS ORDER KNIGHTS OF THE CREEPING SERPENTS) Philippines, Black Mamba Chicago Chapter.

Interested parties, who may want to help in the outreach program and artesian wells installation may get it touch with Mr. Gazmen at his office at E.P. Gazmen & Associates Accounting & Tax Consultants at 5850 W. Higgins Ave., Chicago, IL 60630, Tel. 773.205.1515/Cell Tel. 847.977.7685, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or www.epgazmenandassociates.com. (PM)

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