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CHICAGO (JGL) — The name of Chicago Southwest Side attorney Jerry Joyce, husband of Filipino American Dr. Jannine Caoili Joyce, will appear first on

the ballot for mayor after a lucky draw last Wednesday (Jan. 9) at the Chicago Board of Elections.


The top spot gives the long-time lawyer an advantage over the crowded field of 21 candidates, hoping to fill in the shoes of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is not seeking re-election on the Feb. 26 municipal elections.


Seizing the momentum, Mr. Joyce released a statement, saying, “Being Number One on the ballot is a major boost for our campaign to bring change to Chicago.


We hope our ballot position gives visibility to our ideas to make Chicago more affordable, safer and a place where every child has access to a quality education.”


The last spot in the ballot, which is also believed to be an edge, goes to another attorney and former aldermanic candidate Joh Kozlar, one of five who turned in their petitions in the last hour before the Nov. 26 deadline.



ATTORNEY JERRY JOYCE is shown with his wife, Dr. Jannine Caoili Joyce (second from left), together with their children – Jeremiah, Karina, Christian, and Keyli -- all adopted from Guatemala.

 To qualify for number one on the list, a candidate should be one of the first four mayoral candidates in line when the Board of Elections started accepting ballot petitions at 9 a.m. last Nov. 19. He prevailed over Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, businessman Willie Wilson and former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas for the lead ballot position.




Positions for the rest of the candidates will be decided based on the order in which the candidates filed their petitions.

The candidates, however, will try to knock each other off the ballot by challenging the validity of their petition signatures. Some 12,500 signatures of registered Chicago voters will be needed for Mayoral candidates to get on the ballot. The election board will be hearing the challenges in coming weeks.

Nobody has challenged the petitions of Joyce and Kozlar.

According to his website, Jerry believes that no parent in Chicago should have to stay awake at night worrying about their children’s personal safety because of violence in their own neighborhood.

Born and raised in Chicago, Jerry will work to make every neighborhood safe and livable for all Chicago residents.

Jerry will prioritize the public schools to provide children with a safe and clean environment that is staffed with professionals who are responsive to the concerns and needs of every student.

Jerry will demand that every Chicago taxpayer receives a fair and transparent tax process.


An attorney in private practice, Jerry is also a small-business owner, works as Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office Executive Staff and for over three decades, he was involved in numerous civic, educational, and charitable organizations in his community and throughout the city of Chicago.

A graduate of Marist High School in Chicago, Yale University and Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Jerry is married to Dr. Jannine Caoili Joyce, a pediatrician, whose parents are from Cebu and the Ilocos region in the Philippines.

According to a Via Times column written by Elsie Sy-Niebar, Dr. Joyce is “very proud of her husband whom she calls a caring and loving person whose heart is close to the people of Chicago. And that’s why he entered into the most historical Mayoral race of Chicago.”

She said, “My husband, JERRY JOYCE, and I have been married for 19 years. We met in college. We were classmates. He is a very loving and compassionate person, with a great moral compass. We have four wonderful children – Jeremiah, Karina, Christian, and Keyli, all adopted from Guatemala. He’s a man of action which brings in positive results.”

If her husband gets elected, Dr. Joyce said she will take care of the “medical needs of hospitalized children of this city. I would hope to serve as an advocate for children’s health care for all children in Chicago.”

For his part, Mr. Joyce said, speaking about his Filipino American wife, “I am very blessed being married to this beautiful lady and wonderful wife. She loves people. I love her family as she loves mine. Being married to Jannine whose parents immigrated from the Philippines makes me sensitive to the immigration issues that affect many of our Chicago residents. Oh, yes, I enjoy Filipino food. It is delicious and healthy.”

Feeling that he might not be re-elected for the third time, Mayor Emanuel decided to hang up his gloves, opening the gate to crowded mayoral hopefuls ready to take over. The increasing murder cases in the south side, capped by the 2014 killing of Laquan MacDonald involving a Chicago police officer had squarely put the blame on his failure to give the police proper training against the use of excessive force on the suspects. The former Chief of Staff of President Obama felt  his re-election for the third time has become vulnerable when he nearly lost in his re-election bid for a four-year term. (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 

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