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CATRIONA ELISA MAGNAYON GRAY's Filipino mother, Normita Ragas Magnayon Gray from Oas (pronounced “oh-was”), Albay in the Philippines, had a dream when Catrina was 13 years old

– Catrina would win the “Miss Universe and she was wearing a red dress.”

She lived up to her Mom's dream twice over when Catriona won the Miss Universe last month and she was wearing a red dress as she walked down the aisle after her proclamation in Bangkok, Thailand.




CATRIONA GRAY in red dress made her Mom's dream come true when she won the Miss Universe last month in Bangkok, Thailand. (JGL Photograb from Live with Kelly & Ryan)

Catriona made the revelation when she was guest of the morning programs, “Good Morning America” and “Live Kelly and Ryan” over ABC TV network in New York City.

Her Mom's dream of winning the coveted beauty title must have been inspired by Catriona winning the Miss Little Philippines in Sydney, Australia at the age of five.



MISS UNIVERSE CATRIONA GRAY claps as she acknowledges the cheers from the Filipino audience during the Live With Kelly & Ryan last Monday, Jan. 7, in New York City when she appeared on the popular TV program of ABC Network. (JGL Photograb from Live With Kelly & Ryan)

Catriona said she was just “four days fresh” in New York after arriving from the Philippines. She celebrated her 25th birthday Sunday (Jan. 6) watching Broadway show and taking food trip.

When asked by Kelly Ripa what she can say about winter considering that “she is in a virgin territory,” Catriona said, “I have a coat, minimum of three layers. I'm a little bit like siopao (Filipino steamed dumpling) when I go out. I am fluffy looking.”



FILIPINO AUDIENCE made their presence felt when they cheered as Miss Universe Catriona Gray mentioned Mayon Volcano with a perfect cone in her hometown in the Philippines during her interview at Live With Kelly & Ryan, an ABC network TV program in New York City on Monday, Jan. 7. (JGL Photograb from Live with Kelly & Ryan)



Being used to “one season of summer and one wet season” both in Australia, where she was born to a Scottish immigrant father, Ian Gray of Fraserburg, and the Philippines she visited after high school to “re-discover my roots,” Catriona started her year-long reign as Miss Universe by appearing in top television programs, including Inside Edition and Celebrity Page.

Kelly said, “Your Mom has this power and I believe Moms have this power. Your Mom dreamed that you will be Miss Universe. Tell us more about it.”

Catriona said, “I was about 13 years old. And she said, “Honey, I had a dream that you won the Miss Universe in a red dress. And I was like, “Ok, Mom.”

While the video feed was showing her in red dress after her proclamation, Kelly gasped, “That's a great dress.”




MISS UNIVERSE CATRIONA Gray reacts during her interview on Live With Kelly & Ryan on ABC TV network on Jan. 7 in New York City. (JGL Photograb from Live with Kelly & Ryan)

Catriona responded, “Thank you. It actually drew inspiration from my hometown in the Philippines known for its Mayon Volcano, a perfect cone.” The word "Mayon" is a contraction of the Bikol word, "Magayon," which means beautiful.

As Filipinos in the audience applauded for plugging the virtues of the Philippines, Miss Gray said, “Filipino fans are the best fans in the world and this is journey has been amazing.”



CATRIONA GRAY as Miss Little Philippines when she was five years old.

Catriona also disclosed that when she was 12, her height was 5 (inches)- 8 (feet). “I used to be good in sports. And I threw it out of the window as I was awkward and uncoordinated.” With this, Ryan Seacrest offered, “I'm 44 and 5-8, too.” 


Seacrest asked her about her platform that is “something near and dear to your heart with education,” Miss Gray said, “I believe education is very transformative. It’s something you give to a child or a person that can never be taken away from him. I’m so passionate about it. So, I work with an organization called the Young Focus Philippines. And they work to give quality access to education for impoverished so these kids without NGO’s (non-government organizations) like that might not experience going to school, experience developing learning. And at the end of the day, that can really pull the family out of poverty. Something I am very passionate about.”




CATRIONA GRAY is shown with her parents, Normita Ragas Magnayon Gray and Ian Gray, when she was crowned Miss Little Philippines in 1999 in Sydney, Australia.

Congratulations! Those three countries (the Philippines, Australia and Scotland) must be very proud of you,” according to Ryan. (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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