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CHICAGO (PM) – The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “is strongly committed to collaborating with the Philippine government to resolve this issue and is aware of a court decision ordering the importer to ship back the material back to Canada.”

Press Secretary Sabrina Kim of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change told the in an email message that “Canada is strongly committed to collaborating with the Philippines government to resolve this issue and is aware of the court decision ordering the importer to ship the material back to Canada.



This video clip, DUTERTE WANTS CANADA GARBAGE RETURNED TO SENDER, is an excerpt of lea briefing to President Rodrigo R. Duterte on April 23, 2019 in Pampanga province on the aftermath of the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Central Luzon, killing at ast 16 people and injuring several others and causing millions of pesos in damages. At the tail end of the briefing, Mr. Duterte mentioned the garbage sent to the Philippines from Canada in 2013 and vowed to set sail to Canada and return the garbage on the Canadian soil. The excerpt was taken from the more than an hour-long video footage of the Presidential Communications of the Philippine government. See also story: by JOSEPH G. LARIOSA © 2019. E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Currently, a joint technical working group, consisting of officials from both countries,  is examining the full spectrum of issues related to the removal of the waste with a view to a timely resolution.


PRIME MINISTER Justin Trudeau is shown at a housing project in Orleans, Ontario. (Prime Minister's Office Photo)

Ms. Kim added,”In 2016, we amended our own regulations around hazardous waste shipments to prevent such events from happening again. We are committed to working collaboratively to ensure the material is processed in an environmentally responsible way.”

PM ( reached out to the Office of Prime Minister Trudeau following reports Tuesday (April 23) from Manila that President Duterte's sortie at the earthquake-stricken province of Pampanga, Mr. Duterte ordered the customs bureau to return to Canada the trash it sent to the Philippines a few years ago as he chided the North American country for supposedly turning Manila into a "dump site."

Mr. Duterte, who has a cool personal relationship with the baby-faced Canadian Prime Minister, said Tuesday during a briefing that Canada should prepare a “grand reception” for its waste, which arrived in the Philippines in 2013. The  briefing to President Rodrigo R. Duterte on April 23, 2019 in Pampanga province followed the aftermath of the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Central Luzon, killing at ast 16 people and injuring several others and causing millions of pesos in damages.

I want a boat prepared. I’ll give a warning to Canada maybe next week, that they better pull that thing out or I will set sail doon sa (there in) Canada ibuhos ko ‘yang basura nila doon. (I will pour the garbage there).




PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte. (Philippine Presidential Photo)

I cannot understand why they are making us -a dumpsite? And that is not only case in point.” Mr. Duterte added. Then, Canada kept on sending us the garbage. “Well, not this time. Magka-away kami. Awayin natin ang Canada (We are are going to fight Canada.) I will declare war against them. Kaya man natin yan sila.” (We can beat them.)


"I will really return (the garbage)...Load the containers to a ship, and I will advise Canada that your garbage is on the way. Prepare a grand reception. Eat it if you want to," he added.

"Buang ito kinakaya-kaya tayo. Hindi ako papayag ng ganoon (Crazies. They are pushing us around. I won't let that happen)."

Mr. Duterte said Canada sold the Philippines helicopters but there was a string attached – that we do not use them (helicopters) against our own people. “Loko-loko pala kayo. (You are crazy).

My own citizens are cutting the neck of my soldiers and policemen. My own citizens are declaring war to oust everybody. Tayo, mawawalan ng trabaho. Payag ka niyan, ma'm? (We will be out of work. Do you agree with it, madam.)

And itong Customs na ‘to (These Customs employees – if they allow another shipment of garbage, )— the next time they do it, I will sack them, all of them.” Mr. Duterte warned.


Valenzuela, Metro Manila-based company Chronic Plastics Inc. imported more than 50 containers with wastes from Canada in 2013. More than half or 29 of the containers with trash were dumped in a landfill in Tarlac.

Environment groups have expressed concern that the shipment might have contained toxic materials that could harm the health of local residents. During his visit to the Philippines in 2015, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a "Canadian process" is being developed to solve the problem but did not provide details. 

I have obviously been made aware of the situation and I’ve also been told that there is a Canadian solution in the process of being developed,” Trudeau said on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit hosted by the Philippines two years ago. 

But, at the same time, I know that this has exposed a problem that needs fixing within our own legislation that we’re going to lean into and make sure happens,” he added.


Earlier this month, environment groups urged Canada to take back the garbage sent to the Philippines in 2013, noting that the sending of the waste was a violation of the Basel Convention.

During their one-on-one private talk at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Canada 40TH Anniversary Commemorative Summit at the Philippine Convention Center in Pasay City in the Philippines, Mr. Duterte was displeased and felt “insulted” when Mr. Trudeau raised the issue of human rights and respect for the rule law and extrajudicial killings related to Mr. Duterte's war on drugs.

Mr. Duterte said he is not obliged to explain to anybody the situation in the country related to his administration's all out drug war.

You know, I was elected by the people of the Republic of the Philippines. I only answer to the Filipino people.” he said.

I said I will not explain. It is a personal and official insult,” Duterte said. (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 

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