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But Tess developed a creepy idea that his affectionate plan might end up with unintended consequences.

In turning aside the romantic overture of her husband, Tess said having “I love Tess forever” tattooed in his body might bring about “bad luck” as shown by some people and some celebrities whose relationships fell apart after having the wife’s images and names tattooed in the bodies of their husbands.



LOUIE MACAPAGAL and his wife, Tess, owners of a small company that manages apartments, buildings, condos and commercial property in Chicago, Illinois, were  ready to celebrate when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series championship while they were vacationing in Boracay Islands in the Philippines in November 2016 as they pulled out and flew the handy “W” banner. (Photo by Louie Macapagal used with permission)

While they were taking on their long-planned vacation in world-famous Boracay resorts in the Philippines in November 2016, their favorite hometown team, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Suddenly, a bright idea flashed in Louie's mind — “Why don’t I memorialize the once-in-a-century victory of the Cubs with a more lasting one — having the Cubs World Series Championship tattooed in my shoulder, instead of my Tess”?



TESS MACAPAGAL (second from right, standing) entertains her guests, who attended a get-together in her beautiful home in the north side of Chicago, Illinois last July 7. From right are Elisa de Castro, Marvelou Velasco, Sylvana Mira, Lilivi Cordero and Eden Abejero. (JGL Photo by JOSEPH G. LARIOSA)

When he consulted Tess about his idea, Tess readily responded, “Why not, so you can get it done and get it over with?”

Before leaving Chicago, they took with them the “W” banner just in case the Cubs would win. So, when the Cubs did, they pulled the banner along the beach and displayed it for everyone to see.

To cap the celebration, Louie explored the beach and found a tattoo shop called Boracay in D’Mall. Louie was impressed by its artists, who were “very good and the price was very reasonable but more importantly, it was done in a clean and professional manner.”



LOUIE MACAPAGAL (second from left) hosts some of his friends at a get-together in his home in the north side of Chicago, Illinois on July 7. Photo shows from left Joseph Osias, Larry Bontigao, Mike Enriquez, Joseph G. Lariosa, Marlon L. Pecson and Macky Favis. (JGL Photo)

So, his dream of etching his love for the Cubs in his body had finally come true.


These nuggets of information were shared by Louie, a native of Cabanatuan City in the Philippines, during a gathering of his friends in his home in Chicago’s north side last Saturday (July 7), when the Cubs finally beat the pesky Cincinnati Reds, 8-7, to snap Reds’ five-game winning streak over the Cubs.

As an added bonus, Louie recalled that when he responded to the Chicago Cubs’ request from fans to submit their Cubs favorite photos, by sending his photo flying the “W” in Boracay, his photo was chosen along with other beautiful photos taken from all over the world in a video clip promoting the Cubs.



JOSEPH G. LARIOSA (left) is sometimes mistaken for actor Pat Morita while Larry Bontigao is a dead ringer for Gen. Eduardo Ermita, the former Executive Secretary under Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo government. They are shown at a get-together in the home of Louie & Tess Macapagal in the north side of Chicago, Illinois on July 7. (JGL Photo by MARLON L. PECSON)

Louie believes that the Chicago Cubs in his shoulder is not a bad luck.

He believes with the core of the Chicago Cubs championship players and coaches still very much intact, it is not surprising that Cubs can still have a good chance of returning to the World Series.

Real estate broker Marlon L. Pecson, who invited this reporter to the get-together, is a long-time friend of Louie Macapagal when they were members of the Wednesday Club meetings at the Rizal Center in the north side of Chicago. 

What stood out of the get-together was that after the party, everybody cleaned up the place and left the party as clean as it started. (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 


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