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CHICAGO (JGL) – The mother of Addison Russell’s wife Melisa Reidy-Russell told the Journal GlobaLinks that her daughter is not a “Gold Digger”

otherwise, her daughter will “put up with the Infidelity and other things and will not Divorce” Addison “this early.”  

In a PM (private message) to this reporter, Ely Margallo Reidy said, “Since she (Melisa) cannot comment (because of the petition for dissolution of marriage Melisa filed against Addison), I will. 

Milany Russell & Addison siblings never liked or loved my daughter. It doesn't matter how much she tried to get along with them. It was never good enough.  

“It's not a secret that they like Mallory (Engstrom, the mother Addison’s first-born child, Mila) more than Melisa. But Addison married Melisa.

“The marriage did not last because of so many reasons. But the main problem is Infidelity and Milany knows about it. Melisa and Aiden are staying with us right now cause Milany's son made them homeless. 

“And if my daughter is a Gold Digger she will put up with the Infidelity and other things and will not Divorce her son this early. (Melisa called it quits first before Addison). My daughter did not grow up in an abusive home." 


MELISA REIDY-RUSSELL (right) rests in the loving arms of her mother, Ely Margallo Reidy, in their home in Pensacola, Florida. (JGL Photo used with permission from Ely Margallo Reidy)

Ely, 45, a native of Subic, Zambales in the Philippines, confirmed that Melisa and the rest of her family in the U.S., Philippines and Australia read the article written by this reporter. She said Melisa is not allowed to comment right now but she will later on.  

“To be honest, it’s so painful to read but what can I do. She (Milany Deocampo Russell, the mother of Addison Russell) is entitled to what she thinks and feels. But is she speaking the TRUTH? She knows the truth but she will not admit it. Melisa was raised in a loving home. Milany will say anything that she can to make Melisa look bad. And make her son and family look good in the public eye.  


“For me, it’s best to be quiet and let this Divorce end. I will not speak evil of Addison and his family. God knows what happened. Someday, I can tell you more but now I really can’t offer more information. I pray that things will get better for everyone. Sincerely, E. Reidy.”  

Mrs. Reidy added, “Melisa has a bright future and plans ahead of her and Aiden. Our family is very close and very nurturing, So Melisa and Aiden will be fine by the Grace of God.”  

Ely described herself as sales associate working in the same company for almost 20 years. She said she has been married to her husband for 25 years and they had three daughters and three grandsons. 

Melisa, she said, is the youngest. Her husband and herself “worked so hard to provide for our children and gave them a simple comfortable life. Melisa and her two older sisters have been to the Philippines many times. Melisa has travelled a lot around the world with her father and I while he was working overseas.


AIDEN RUSSELL basks in the loving protection of his Mom, Melisa Reidy-Russell (right), and his Lola (grandmother) Ely Margallo-Reidy in his Lola’s home in Pensacola, Florida. (JGL Photo used with permission from Ely Margallo Reidy)

“My daughters were raised in a loving home. We love, nurtured, and protected them spiritually, morally and physically. Melisa graduated from Cosmetology School and recently received her lash certification. She loves doing hair and make up. Her original plan was to be a Veterinarian. But I'm glad that she followed her heart to be a Cosmetologist because she is really good at it. Every parent will say that they have wonderful children and they are humble. And I get it and I will say the same thing with my children. But in our family we don't condone wrong doing, specially when it's affecting other families.” 


Milany did not comment when this reporter showed her a blog post of Melisa to Milany’s husband, Wayne Russell, saying, “When y’all wanna see Aiden. Just let me know. When you’re free, we will figure something out.”  

Earlier, in a PM to this reporter, Milany said, “Melisa will use Aiden against our entire family and she does not make it easy for Addison to even see or talk to Aiden. Melisa knew he was done which is why those abuse allegations surfaced.”  

In her Twitter post on June 23, Melisa showed a message from Addison: “I get the house is messy but at least invite me somewhere so I can see …”

Melisa responded, “Oh and if y’all were wondering this is what Addison sent me.” 


Wayne Russell responded: “Melisa I never waist (sic) time wandering. You didn’ know that the world reolves around my sixteen year old daughter? I hope everything gets better with you and Addison because I don’t wish my marriage on anyone. Milany has no minutes on her phone so she is not in this group.”

Melisa responded: “When y’all wanna see Aiden. Just let me know. When you’re free, we will figure something out.  

Wayne Russell: “sounds good. Thank you.”  

Melisa: “Her own husband doesn’t wish their marriage on anyone & she thinks she has room to judge mine. Funny how that works.” (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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