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CHICAGO (JGL) – Absence makes the heart grow fonder but not in the case of the couple, Addison Russell and his wife Melisa Reidy


Russell’s constant out-of-town trips as a baseball player had taken a toll on his young marriage to Melisa that prevented them from having constant communication despite the advent of the Internet.


Russell’s Filipino mother, Milany Deocampo Russell, explained Wednesday (June 20) why his one-year marriage to Melisa had gone on the rocks after it was reported that Melisa had filed for divorce.


Milany, however, clarified that five days after Melisa made public on social media that Addison beat her up when she accused him of being unfaithful and for lying to her, Addison filed for divorce on June 12 in Florida while Melisa followed suit by filing for divorce three days later in Chicago, Illinois.


Also on Wednesday (June 20), the Major League Baseball announced that on advice of her lawyer, Melisa had declined to cooperate with MLB officials regarding the domestic violence allegations against Addison.


Russell is not the only player currently being investigated by the league. Tampa Bay Rays catcher Derek Norris is also being probed after his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse in a blog post. Norris has denied those allegations, as does Russell.


Even if there is no criminal investigation being conducted, the MLB can still slap Norris and Russell with suspensions depending on the result of the investigations. Under a new 2015 policy, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has the ultimate disciplinary power in all cases involving domestic violence.


Even if charges are dropped, Norris and Russell could still be suspended as in the cases of New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman (suspended 30 days), New York Mets infielder Jose Reyes (52) and Mets reliever Jeurys Familia (15).


Mrs. Russell said Addison loved Melisa wholeheartedly at first but it was inevitable that their “marriage was over long before it actually could blossom.”




Milany, in a private message to Journal GlobaLinks, said, “The lifestyle of his job took a toll on both of them.  The lack of communication played a great role. They had their faults and it is best for (their son) Aiden that this happens.”


MILANY DEOCAMPO RUSSELL sets her granddaughter, Mila, daughter of Addison Russell with Mallory Engstrom, on her lap  during the Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field June 19. (JGL Photo by Milany Deocampo Russell used with permission)


Milany said, “Melisa hasn’t spoken to us since May 26th in Texas at my niece’s wedding.”


When asked by this reporter if Addison and Melisa had sought counseling, Milany said, “They sought counseling but Melisa refused anymore after the first meeting.


"Addison always tried to talk to her about things in his life but Melisa wouldn’t hear them. She has tried to severe my relationship with my own son due to her jealousy and narcissism. She has tried to push anyone in our family away from him even his own siblings. She was very jealous of our closeness and relationship with Addison.


“No reconciling. Addison is refreshed and optimistic to his future and putting the past behind him. He is looking forward to help raise Aiden and Mila and be the best Dad he can possibly be.”


It was reported that in her divorce papers filed before the Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, Melisa wanted a “swift, amicable and private resolution,” keeping in mind the best interests of the couple’s son, Aiden.


When asked if Addison is going to give up the full custody of Aiden to Melisa that Melisa had sought in her divorce papers, Milany said that because of the nature of Addison’s job as a baseball player, who travels a lot, ceding the custody to Melisa is a “given.” She added, “Melisa will use Aiden against our entire family and she does not make it easy for Addison to even see or talk to Aiden. Melisa knew he was done which is why those abuse allegations surfaced.


“Yes, they (Melisa and Addison) tried to be independent but Melisa (also a Filipino American) and her family have a very strong bond too just like ours. But she wanted Addison people out of the picture completely!!!”




Milany added, “Addison doesn’t want to hurt Aiden. Melisa is a good mother, of course, she will get main custody. Addison’s job is rigorous and requires a lot of traveling that’s not suitable to fight for custody. He would never take Aiden from her. But she does use Aiden as leverage to hurt him. He loves his children. 

Since 1998, there have been 30 major league teams with a single advance schedule for every season that comprises 2430 games. Each team plays 162 games, 81 as the "home" team, 81 as the "visitor". This means players are away from their families in 81 road trips. 

“Most people don’t know Addison. They just see him as a famous person. The people who love him the most will always support him and the people, who know us (our family) know what a good person he is and what a good heart he has just because he is more private than most doesn’t make him guilty of abuse. But, alas, the haters and people, who don’t know him rely on social media to hurt him with harsh comments. People don’t know of all the good things he has done for our family and others. He is good like that because he doesn’t need the public’s pat on the back. He is private and good!


MILANY DEOCAMPO RUSSELL cradles Mila, Addison Russell’s first-born child with Mallory Engstrom, as Petra Holley looks on as they attend the Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field June 20. (JGL Photo by Milany Deocampo Russell used with permission)

“The two kids (Addison and Melisa) are going through a very real and tough situation at this time. Hearts and feelings have been hurt that goes without saying. But my son, my husband, and I are honored to have raised a good human being and doesn’t deserve the hurtful media attack on him.”


It was also reported that Melisa was also seeking espousal and child support.


With the divorce, Melisa can have Aiden for herself while Addison’s daughter, Mila, by Mallory Engstrom, Mallory can have Mila for herself and “unless, we are in town (Chicago) she (Mallory) always allows me to keep Mila” like during the last two games that she was in Chicago. She said she just “said bye bye (to Addison) before he got on the bus for Miami.


“I know my son is focused and is happy that Mila, his daughter, and I came to spend time with him. We focused on family time and his daughter. He is looking forward to new beginnings and a bright future.




“Everything else is just formality when it comes to Melisa. We anticipate a hospitable divorce for the sake of their son, Aiden. The children are after all the focus of his life.”


When asked what was the reason for Addison to file for divorce, Milany said, “I didn’t read the divorce papers. Addison reason is between him and his lawyers. We don’t discuss Melisa at all. We talk about what’s going on at home with his brother and sisters, Dad (Wayne), and other family members.”


The divorce, Milany said, “is in the hands of the lawyers. (I) trust them to do their jobs and pray over them and the judge to make decisions that will be for the benefit of Aiden. I am proud of Addison as a man and as a father. I make no comment over Melisa.”


Milany said the relationship of Addison with Mallory “is strictly for Mila. I have always had a special bond with Mallory because she has always shown loyalty and love to our family. I absolutely love Mallory. She is good people and a unique woman.”


When asked how Melisa came into the life of Addison when he had a daughter with Mallory, Milany said, “I don’t understand. Mallory came before Melisa. Mallory is the mother of his first-born child, Mila, and Mila is well cared for financially and emotionally by Mallory and Addison. Mallory never maliciously tried to destroy or lie about Addison publicly. She handles things between them privately and graciously.” 


MILANY DEOCAMPO RUSSELL is shown with her husband, Wayne Russell, the foster father of Addison Russell in Chicago, Illinois last June 18. (JGL Photo by Milany Deocampo Russell used with permission)

She added, “Mallory is just a beautiful person inside and out. I don’t compare the two at all. Melisa is hurting right now and I’m sorry for her heartbreak. However, Addison will forever be my son and we are strong together. Our family is strong and loving family.”


Milany said Melisa, 22, probably lives with her mother, Ely Margallo Reidy, in Pensacola, Florida while Mallory, who is 26 or three years older than Addison, has college background and lives in Illinois with Mila. (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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