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The toughest fights are what you run towards, not away from.” 

                                          – Gina Ortiz Jones 


CHICAGO (JGL) – A Filipino American woman Iraq war veteran is trying to beat a two-term Republican Congressman to become one of the 23

Republican held seats in 2018 up for grabs that could let the Democratic party regain the control of the House of Representative in tomorrow's (Nov. 6) mid-term elections.

Filipino American leader Gus Mercado of Dallas, Texas said that although he is a registered Republican and his wife, Ethel, a Democrat, he is urging Filipino Americans living in the 23rd Congressional district in southwest Texas to come out and vote for Gina Ortiz Jones, a 14-year war veteran and daughter of Vickie from Iloilo in the Philippines. 

Mr. Mercado, an officer of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NAFFAA), said, “I am a registered Republican and my wife Ethel is a Democrat. But neither of us is a rabid partisan. In important elections, we support the candidate whose election will be good for the Fil-Am community and the Philippines.” 

Mr. Mercado added, “In this coming election, we have one such strong candidate for the U.S. Congress in the person of half-Filipina Gina Ortiz Jones of San Antonio, Texas. We met this popular Iraq war veteran and intelligence officer in Washington and again in San Antonio and she was very impressive. 


“We also met her lovely mother Vickie from Iloilo. Going against a well-funded but unaccomplished incumbent who won his first term by only one point, Gina has an excellent fighting chance of winning and representing all of us in the U.S. Congress which will be historic. No Filipino candidate has ever been this close to being in the U.S. Congress. But she needs our help.”

If she wins, Ms. Jones will probably become the first generation Filipino woman to become a member of the United States House of Representatives. The last Filipino American to be elected in the U.S. Congress was Steve Austria who retired in 2011 when his 7th District in Ohio “was sliced during redistricting” pitting him against fellow Republican Rep. Mike Turner, turning his re-election an “uphill bid.” 

GINA ORTIZ JONES, Congressional Candidate of the 23rd District in Texas

“We are appealing to all Filipino-Americans – Republicans, Democrats and Independents wherever they are in the U.S. Gina's victory is our victory, regardless of our own party affiliations and wherever we are in the U.S. We should all support her and her campaign with any amount that we can. This is still a very good time to send our donations as the biggest push for media buy happens in the last 2 weeks before the elections.” Mr. Mercado added.

In an email to Mr. Mercado, Ms. Jones thanked him “for making your generous contribution and for offering to send a last-hour appeal to the leaders of the Filipino-American communities all of whom I promise to speak for in the U.S. Congress, wherever they may be. I thank them in advance for helping a fellow Filipino-American. 


“Their contribution of any amount is needed now more than ever, as the last 10 days are extremely important when, against a well-funded opponent, we have to saturate the airwaves and the neighborhoods with volunteers.

“Your donation will send more mailers and more volunteers to knock on doors and leave our flyer. We just learned that the massive early voting is favoring us. With your help, we can and shall win this!

FIL AM CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS: Gus & Ethel Mercado from Dallas, Texas

"Contributions can be made using this link or by contacting our campaign: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (915) 843-8394 and our website: ginaortizjones.com," Ms. Jones said.

Mr. Mercado said, “The odds are against her in a traditionally Republican red state with a lot of suburban territory, but there is a path to victory for her. 

1. Her district was severely gerrymandered by the ruling Republican state congress which makes it extremely difficult to campaign in her district which spans 500 miles from San Antonio to El Paso (a wider swath of territory that is longer than the space between L.A. and San Francisco which is only 376 miles – incredible!). And you know the reason for the Republican gerrymandering – especially in Texas, their objective was to divide and splinter a territory that was heavily populated by Mexican-Americans and other minorities. 

2. Her victory would depend on a heavy turnout of Hispanic voters which have always been a problem in Texas. So, if the hot millennials and the much-anticipated Hispanics will take their strong anger at Trump by coming out to vote, and if Beto (O' Rourke) wins as Senator against the ambitious and peripatetic (unattentive to his job as Texas Senator) Ted Cruz, Gina has an excellent chance. 

  1. Her opponent, William Hurd, is a two-term congressman with no visible accomplishments. But he is very well-funded by the GOP because they know he could lose. Both have national intelligence experience (CIA). Gina speaks Spanish, Hurd does not. Hopefully, the record turnout of Hispanic early voters will favor her. We are hoping for the best.

Shortly after she breezed thru the Democratic primary elections last May, the Military Times said, the 37-year-old Gina Ortiz Jones could make history — in more ways that one – “Former Air Force intelligence officer Gina Ortiz Jones won the Democratic primary for a southwest Texas congressional district Tuesday. If she’s victorious in November’s big election, she will make  history on multiple counts: as the first post-9/11 Iraq veteran, first lesbian and first Filipino-American to represent her state in Congress.” (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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