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CHICAGO (JGL) – Like Jesus Christ, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the “Appointed Son of God,” instead of referring his Kingdom of Jesus Christ's “tomboy” worker to a psychiatrist or

psychologist for evaluation and counseling in order to cast the demon out of the worker's body, he signed on to the pleading of the worker to send her to reform in the rehabilitation center in the “Glory Mountain” in Hawaii.

But instead of reforming under a “changed atmosphere,” Kristina Angeles, who is now 30 years old, turned against Pastor Quiboloy when Ms. Angeles' lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Grant Giventer, alleged in court documents that “Angeles was one of several minors forced to have sex with Quiboloy, who calls himself “the appointed son of God.”



Quiboloy said he could not have had sex with Angeles considering that when he had an "American sweetheart," he did not engage in any sexual relations because "it is against the will of the Father." 

According to reports, Giventer made the allegations in a court case, in which Angeles is being accused of at least four counts of sexual assaults of a 14-year-old minor, a girl, who also belongs to the Kingdom in Hawaii. One count accuses Angeles of sexual assault in the First Degree that could land her up to 20 years in state prison and $50,000 in fines.



THIS PHOTO OF 30-year-old Kristina Angeles was posted on the Facebook by a supporter of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ for accusing Pastor Quiboloy of  running a child-sex ring in the Kingdom during the pre-trial hearing of her case before the First Circuit Court of Hawaii in Honolulu where she is facing four-count sexual assault charges, including sexual assault in the First Degree, where she faces 20 years in prison and fines of $50,000. Trial of her case is set on February 4 next year. (JGL)

In a video clip response to news reports accusing him of running a child sex ring in the Kingdom, Pastor Quiboloy told his seven million followers in 200 countries and 2,000 cities around the world that the child abuse accusation against him is “shocking po na statement nila doon kasama ng kanyang abogado, ako raw ay nagpapatakbo ng isang child sex ring. Ito po ay isang napakabigat na akusasyon. (The accusation is a shocking statement, including statement from her lawyer that I am running a child sex ring. This is a very grave accusation.” 


Marami po akong tinanggap na akusasyon sa buhay ko pinalampas ko ngunit sa tamang panahon nakita ninyo na walang katotohan ang lahat. Ngunit ito pong akusasyon na ito ay mabigat kaya hindi ko po palalampasin. Ang mga statement ni Kristina Angeles na formerly ay isang Kingdom worker na pinadala sa Hawaii, at ngayon ay gumagawa ng isang pangungusap o statement against sa aking pagkatao. (I had received numerous accusations in my life but I passed them all up and you noticed that in due time they were all proven false. The statement was made by Kristina Angeles, the former Kingdom worker, who was sent to Hawaii and is now making statements against my person.)

Pero itong statement na ito na ginawa ni Kristina Angeles hindi ko mapapalampas dahil marami po akong miyembro sa buong sanlibutan at hindi ko po hahayaang mapahamak ang kanilang mga pag-iisip na akala nila lalo na yung mga bago at yung nasa labas ng televiewers ko baka akala nila ito ay totoo. (But I will not pass these statements up made by Kristina Angeles against me because I have many members all over the world and I am not going to let them think specially those outside my televiewers into thinking that such accusations are true.) 


Sasabihin ko po sa inyo, ang bawat worker dito sa Kingdom ay meron po silang documented life (sic), maganda man o masama man ang kanila ginagawa o may kasalanan man, documentado po 'yan. (I tell you each worker in the Kingdom has documented life, either they had done good or bad or sinful, it is documented.)

Itong blue envelope na ito, ito po ay pangalan ni Kristina Angeles bilang isang manggagawa. Documented po ang kanyang buhay dito sa Kaharian. Ito po, ganito kakapal ang documents ng buhay niya dito. Lahat ng ginawa niya rito nakasulat at ito ay babasahin ko lahat doon sa korte doon ko po idi-divulge ito. (This blue envelope, bearing the name of Kristina Angeles, contains her employment record. It is this thick. It has all the things that she had done in her own handwriting and I will read its contents in court.)



FILIPINO TELEVANGELIST Paster Apollo C. Quiboloy threatened to sue not only his former Kingdom of Jesus Christ worker Kristina Angeles but also the Hawaii News Now and others, who accused him of running a child sex ring in his Kingdom. “If there is child sex ring in my Kingdom, it is Kristina Angeles, who had confessed in the Kingdom’s investigating Committee Hearing that she had molested other minors while in the Philippines,” according to his video statement denying the accusation that he was running a child sex ring. (JGL Photograb from SMNI video footage)

“Pero para malaman ninyo kung ano ang ibang pinaggagawa niya dito, babasahin ko lang po ang ibang statement… Maliit lang para po malaman ninyo kung ano ang kanyang sinabi, confession letter ito po ang kakapal na ito, karamihan nito puro confession letter dahil ang babaeng ito ay may demonyo pero yun ang ministry ko palabasin ang mga demonyong masasama para bumuti ang buhay niya kasama ang lahat ng mga inililigtas kong kaluluwa sa buong Kaharian. Ito po ang sinabi niya rito mataas ito mga kapatid. Isa lang po ito sa mga confession letter niya. Marami po siyang confession dito at ito po ang isa sa mga statement niya. (For you to know what she had done, I will read to you a portion of other statement. Just a bit so you will know what she said, this is a confession letter, which is too thick. Mostly confession letters because this woman had demon in her body, which is my ministry to cast the devil out of someone so they could turn into a new leaf and their lives will be better, including many others, whose souls I have saved in my Kingdom. This is one of her confession letters.) 


Sinabi niya rito sa Bisaya po, “Pastor, tabangi ko nga mahinluan ko karon sa akong espiritu nga dili gayud kabubut-on sa Amahan, ginasurrender nako ang tanang espiritu sa unod nga nagababag sa akong spiritual growth number one gyud ang spiritu nako sa pagkatomboy na denounce na nako na pero sa mata ko lang pala nia diay gihapon sa akong sulod nagalublob uban pa sa kong espiritu sa akong pagka-tawhanon, pagkabakakon, pagiging selfish, kalain sa uban, pagiging anti-social, pagka-moody pagka-maldita, ug wala’y pakialam.” (This is what she said in Visayan dialect, Pastor, “please help me cast the devil away from my spirit thru the Father. I have surrendered all the spirits that are blocking my spiritual growth. Number one among those (bad) spirits is my being tomboy, which I thought I had already cast away but it turned out, I hadn't succeeded. It  is still part of my being, the demon is still in my body, my being a liar, my being selfish, easily hurt, being anti-social, being moody, being proud and self-conceited.”

She has more confessions here all in her handwritings that she admitted in a Committee Hearing being a tomboy and had carried many (sexual) relations.

“May sex ring dito pero sa kanyang sex ring at ito'y malalaman natin sa korte. Then, ito namang mga news sa Hawaii ang dami-dami nilang dapat i-broadcast, iyon pang walang kinalaman sa kaso niya sapagkat trial hearing niya pala yun nung isang araw para patotohan ng mga nag-accuse na totoo yung ginawa nila bakit sa akin itinapon?” (There is a sex ring here but it is her sex ring and we will know it in court. Then, this news from Hawaii instead of broadcasting many other things, it raked up even those who had nothing to do with the case during the trial hearing the other day of the case, why pinned everything on me?) 


“.... (P)ananagutin ko kayong lahat sa mga nangyaring ito.” (I will let all of you pay for what you did to me.)



HOLDING THE BLUE FOLDER inscribed with the name of Kristina Angeles, Filipino televangelist Apollo C. Quiboloy whose Kingdom of Jesus Christ is based in his friend Philippine President Rody Duterte’s home city of Davao said he is going to submit the contents of the handwritten confessions of Angeles in the folder of molesting other girls in his Kingdom before Angeles was sent to the Kingdom’s rehabilitation center in Hawaii to reform due to “changed atmosphere.” (JGL Photograb from SMNI video footage)

Now, I vehemently deny that totally fabricated and false accusation that I am running a child sex ring. I am so angry about this. The accusation does not only violate my person, but the whole kingdom ministry, which I lead and this accusation is not only for me but for the whole seven million Kingdom Nation that I lead. And I have been faithful for the Almighty Father for all of these years.”

The 68-year-old leader of the Restorationist church said he will get back against Angeles, the Hawaii News Now and others for "these false and damaging accusations against me."

Angeles was accused last November 2014 in Honolulu, Hawaii of “did knowingly engage in sexual penetration with “L. A.”, who was at least 14 years old but less than 16 years old, by inserting Angeles' finger into L.A's genital opening, and Kristina Angeles was not less than five years older than L.A. And not legally married to L.A., thereby committing the offense of sexual assault in the First Degree in violation of Sections 707-730(1)(c) of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

If convicted of the offense, Angeles could be imprisoned for 20 years and be fined with $50,000.

A bail amount of $75,000 each was recommended for Angeles' temporary liberty.

Angeles was also accused of placing her hand on the breast of L.A., committing the offense of sex assault on the Third Degree, which calls for five years in prison and $10,000 in fines if convicted.

Angeles was also accused of placing her hand on the vagina of L.A., committing sex assault on the Third Degree.

Angeles was also accused of inserting her tongue in the mouth of L.A., committing sexual assault on the Third Degree.

If convicted of this offense or any including felony offense she could be given an “extended term of imprisonment necessary for the protection of the public” if she becomes a multiple offender and sentenced for two or more felonies.

Trial of Angeles' case will be on Feb. 4, 2019 before First Circuit Court Judge Rom A. Trader of the 17th Division in Honolulu. (Contact reporter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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